You Can’t Question Hockey Players Guts!!!

matt-greene-bleeding-faceTotal Pro Sports – People often speak about the great amount of courage and determination it takes to play in the NHL.  Especially in the middle of playoff time, we are always reminded of how hard some players work on and off the ice in order to give absolutely everything they have to help their team achieve the ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup.

Hits, blocked shots, sticks to the face, and even a measly broken finger (al la Matt Walker) sometimes finds itself among the expected in the NHL, but then there are those that take it to a whole new level.  It is those players that really shine during playoff time.  They are the one’s whose extra sacrifices of the body become noticeable.  What was once a small part of the game, in the playoffs, becomes the ultimate game.  Yes, it is the ultimate game of sacrifice.

So who do you want on your team?  Any one of Matt Greene, Stephan Robidas, Brooks Laich, Andrei Meszaros, or Mathieu Dandenault would be just fine by me.

While most would like to talk about the Crosby’s and Ovechkin’s or the NHL (and I wouldn’t mind having these guys either, just to clarify), it is the grinders that make the difference in the playoffs.  Only a certain breed have what it takes to put their bodies on the line.  The five players mentioned above are part of that breed, and here’s the video to prove it.

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