President Obama Shoots Some Hoops With The Lady Huskies

President Obama Shoots Some Hoops With The Lady HuskiesTotal Pro Sports – Recently the 2009 UConn Lady Huskies National Championship  basketball team traveled to the White House for a ceremonial visit with President Barack Obama.

During the visit, the Lady Huskies were treated to a special Presidential shoot around at the White House outdoor half-court.  Obama a former high school basketball player, absolutely dominated a few of the Huskies in a short  game of P-I-G.

“He was pretty good from 17 feet,” said coach Geno Auriemma. “His shot’s a little unorthodox, but it goes in … He’s got a little bit of that swagger.” [NHR]

Like every other ceremonial visit to the White House the Lady Huskies gave Obama a basketball signed by the players and a Uconn jersey with #1 and his name on the back.

Number One – that’s what I’m talking about,” Obama joked. “I will wear it when I’m playing.

Truly a special day that the 2009 Lady Huskies will always remember.  Video after the jump.

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