Goalie Jaroslav Halak Takes Slash to The Head From Teammate

Jaroslav Halak Takes Slash to The Head From TeammateTotal Pro Sports – Goalies in the NHL and around the world have been put under a lot of pressure from opposing players who are increasingly instructed to “crash the crease”.  This has meant a whole lot more sticks, and bodies flying into them recklessly at great speeds.  If this wasn’t enough trouble for these goalies, then how about the added burden of having to watch their own players sticks and bodies.

Slovakia goalkeeper Jaroslav Halak was the victim of such circumstances in an 8-0 loss to the Czech Republic.  Halak, who came in to relieve Slovak starter Jan Lasak after the score was 7-0, took a a two-handed slash to the head after allowing the eight goal from teammate Tomas Surovy.  Unfortunately, Halak’s head wasn’t enough for him, and Surovey’s next victim was the cross bar.

Surovey didn’t seem to concerned about the well being of Halak, but it is anyone’s guess what the keeper was thinking after taking the stick to the head.  The stare he gives Surovey I would think says enough about how he felt.

Here’s the clip of the unusual display from the Czech vs. Slovakia game.