Floyd Mayweather Sr. Gets Into It With A Reporter

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Gets Into It With A ReporterTotal Pro Sports – The Main Event On Saturday Night at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas was a short one after Manny Pacquiao knocked out Ricky Hatton in the second round.  It seems like for Floyd Mayweather Sr., the night of fights ended a little too early.  How to solve that?  Maybe start a little tussle of your own.

It looked like that was exactly what would happen during the post-fight interview with Floyd Sr. when he was questioned by Kevin Iole.  Days before the fight, Iole, along with some others, reported that Floyd Sr. and Hatton had a falling apart.  That sparked a bit of a confrontation this time around as Sr. rejected those claims.  After exchanging some thoughts on the situation, Floyd tells him to “get that mic out my face”, before kindly asking him to “get your ass off me”.

There are some other interesting comments in the interview, like when Floyd Sr. talks about how he doesn’t want to say he thinks Hatton should retire, but he thinks Hatton should retire (yes it is as confusing as it sounds).

Here is a clip of most of the post-fight interview.  The exchange between Iole and Floyd is at about 3:50 to 5:30.

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