Girl Runs the Porta-Potty Gauntlet At The Kentucky Derby

Girl Runs the Porta-Potty Gauntlet At The Kentucky DerbyTotal Pro Sports – Horse Racing, and the Kentucky Derby, are thought of by many as a classy event where the rich unite to watch one of the great America pastimes.  There are not a whole lot of people who would envision a bunch of liquored-up and sloppy teens and young adults gathered around to celebrate a pastime of their own; getting drunk and making asses of themselves.

In the 135th “Run for the Roses”, fans once again gathered on the infield and one lady in particular was feeling extra ambitious.  Caught on camera, she got up on a row of portable toilets and after falling on her ass once, stood up, put on a lovely hat, and made her way across 17 of the giant teal ‘Johns-to-go’ before being escorted down by security.  The most impressive part was how she managed to dodge the several objects thrown her was as she walked along.

Here’s the clip of the sexy young lady performing her risky stunt.