Don Cherry Drops The “F” Bomb On Live Television

Don Cherry Drops The "F" Bomb On Live TelevisionTotal Pro Sports – Even with a delay, CBC apparently can’t stop every bad thing Don Cherry says from getting on the air, and Saturday night proved just that.

During his post-game segment, the high-tempered and often controversial Don Cherry did not like what he was seeing from the Vancouver Canucks in their loss to the Chicago Blackhawks.  It seems he was upset because Canuck forwards continued to “run out” to the point men, causing the Blackhawks to score a couple of times.  This must really be something he feels strongly about as he was so wound up that he couldn’t control his language and dropped the ever elusive “F” Bomb.

Don and Ron MacLean continued on through the rest of the show as if nothing had happened.  Its just too bad MacLean didn’t have one of his famous puns waiting for Cherry after that slip up.

Check the clip out here.  The Bomb gets dropped at the 1:15 mark.