King James Doesn’t Care For NBA Dress Codes, Wears Sunglasses Indoors

Lebron James IndoorsTotal Pro Sports – In the Catholic School like rulebook that is the NBA dress code, there are strict guidelines as to what players may wear.  These guidelines apply to all players.  Well everyone except Lebron James.

At his MVP ceremony, King James showed that he does not care for rules, especially those that try to tell him how to dress.  Sporting sunglasses indoors, he was in violation of Rule three, which under excluded items states “Sunglasses while indoors” (

The real question here is can anyone blame the man for sporting the sunglasses?  I mean come on now.  With everyone snapping pics of the guy 24/7, maybe they are only precautionary to protect his eyes from the flashes.  Will David Stern have the guts to discipline him for the infraction?  Its a tough decision when the player involved is the face of the league.

Here is evidence with of pic of Lebron and the dress code underneath.

NBA Players Dress Code

NBA Players Dress Code

H/T – The NBA dress code is a joke – [LakeShowLife]

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