Shaq Gets Time To Work On Music Career In Offseason

Shaq Gets Time To Work On Music Career In OffseasonTotal Pro Sports – Shaquille O’Neal is a man of many talents, and singing may be one of them.  Continuing with his offseason You Tube parade, Shaq’s new episode shows him taking part in a little musical session of his own.

We don’t know if you should be holding your breath for the release of his new CD, but should he decide to take such a step, you may expect to hear “Shaqalicious” as the number one track.  In a video recorded of the big man lounging around, he can be heard singing his version of the song, which refers to his “vicious body” and workout regimen.

Is this song Billboard worthy?  We aren’t exactly sure about that, but its just another example of how obsessed Shaq is with himself.  With his career nearing its end, the entertainment industry will likely be the next stop for the Big Diesel.

Here’s “Shaquilicious

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