Sidney Crosby Rubbing Off On Team, All Penguins Now Whiney Babies

Sidney Crosby Is A Cry BabyTotal Pro Sports – Everyone familiar with hockey knows that Sidney Crosby has a reputation as a whiner.  I mean, the guy even complained about fans throwing hats on the ice after Alex Ovechkin completed a hat trick in a playoff game.  Crosby has expressed his distaste for the celebrations and enthusiasm that Ovechkin displays after scoring before.  He also has been known to take a dive and play up hit, but complaining about fans celebrating a great achievement in the playoffs takes the whining to a whole new level.  Unfortunately this Pittsburgh captain seems to be rubbing off on his team.

Maybe it’s because the Penguins are down 2-0 in the series.  Maybe it’s because the Washington rookie goalie who’s played more games in the playoffs than the regular season is shutting down everyone but Crosby.  Maybe they’re just sore losers.  But suddenly, everyone on the team seems to have a problem with the Capitals and especially Ovechkin.  Apparently playing a physical game, masterful stick work and having fun are all things Pittsburgh players object to.

According to Pittsburgh Tribune, Penguins goalie Fleury has stated he thinks Ovechkin’s stick is illegally curved.  Fluery admits he’s never actually looked at the stick, but claims the way Ovechkin handles the puck makes him suspicious.  While the Pens don’t plan on challenging it, they seem intent on making statements to discount Ovie’s good name.  Ovie has never been caught using an illegal stick and the only time it was challenged, the curve was ruled legal and the challengers lost.

Another Pittsburgh paper, the Post-Gazette, claims that the Capitals are breaking the obstruction rules and interfering with players.  The refs didn’t think so during the games even though they claimed to be looking for that and all other types of illegal play.  It is their job after all.  But the Pens think they’ve been treated unfairly and the Caps have been getting all the calls. I guess we’ll see what happens when the series moves back to Pittsburgh.

Right now though, I think they best course of action is for the Penguins to stop shut up and play some hockey.  Complaining about the other team won’t really help them win any games.  And at the rate their going, they’ll have all off season to sulk about how mean and wrong the Caps were really soon, say in two more games.

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