Grandma’s Golf Cart Driving Lesson Gets Scary

Grandma's Golf Cart Driving Lesson Gets Scary Total Pro Sports – Many people will tell you that the elderly can’t drive cars.  So what would they say about a golf cart?  After watching this, I’d probably guess the same.

Now let’s not generalize about all old people here, but this one woman in particular was making a strong case for herself to be banned from ever getting behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.  In what they titled “My Mother-In-Law Learning to Drive using a Golf Cart Straight Off The Plane”, mom adventure begins with a little accident on the first run, first missing the turn, then taking the cart into the bushes.  So that would be the end of that experiment, or at least you would think so.  Not in this case.

Mom went at it again and this time she was forced to completely bail with a McGiveresq tuck-and-roll as the cart rolled into another disaster.  Unfortunately, her daughter, who was in the passenger seat, was left to suffer the consequences.  And of course, dad knew it would happen.  He was probably just having too much fun recording it. (Fandome)

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