Manny Ramirez To Be Suspended For Doping

Manny Ramirez To Be Suspended For DopingTotal Pro Sports – According to reports from the Los Angeles Times, Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez has tested positive for PEDs and will be suspended for 50 games by Major League Baseball.  Manny is expected to begin serving his suspension tonight in what has now become the highest profile case of drug use in baseball.

With Yankee star Alex Rodriguez coming under fire during the off-season for alleged drug use, the issue that continues to plague the league will no doubt grow larger.  ARod was not suspended for his actions as his test was from his years with the Texas Rangers.  That makes Manny’s case the highest profile suspension, and once again brings attention to steroids and their role in baseball.

Ramirez is expected to attribute the test results to medication received from a doctor for a personal medical issue, according to a source familiar with matter but not authorized to speak publicly. (LA Times)

The suspension will cost the slugger $7.7 million of his salary as suspended players are not paid for time missed.  Manny has now added another line to his long list of media-friendly actions.  How will fans and other players respond to this is anyone’s guess, but don’t expect him to use the excuse that its just another case of “Manny being Manny.”

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