17-year-old Pittsburgh Boy Sends Ovechkin Death Threats

17-year-old Pittsburgh Boy Sends Ovechkin Death ThreatsTotal Pro Sports – It doesn’t always pay to be great.  Sometimes it can be difficult to even leave your home for a walk without having someone snap a pic or shove a mic in your face.  Then there is the death threats.  Most of the time they don’t escalate to anything more than simple threats.  so does that mean Alex Ovechkin has nothing to worry about?

A couple of days ago, a message was posted on a hockey message board that stated, “I’m killing Ovechkin. I’ll go to jail. I don’t care anymore.”  Pittsburgh police began to investigate the message and have traced it back to a 17-year-old boy from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, a city southeast of Pittsburgh.  Police have spoken to the boy but no charges have been laid at this point.  The boys name could not be released because he is still a juvenile.

Now that police have solved this problem, Ovechkin can breath easy in Pittsburgh for game four, which will go tonight in Pittsburgh with Washington leading the series 2-1.  Now that Ovechkin does not have to worry about a mysterious young hockey fanatic that is willing to take his life, expect him to be flying out on the ice once again.  However, is hes flying like last game, he may just end up taking himself out with another wild backflip.

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