Caps Reporter Lisa Hillary Freaks Out At Sight Of Rat

Caps Reporter Lisa Hillary Freaks Out At Sight Of RatTotal Pro Sports – We expect to see Penguins invade the Verizon Center on Saturday night for game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, but who knew that the rats would already be there waiting for them.  After a giant scare during a television report for Comcast SportsNet, Lisa Hillary now knows, and she is not too impressed.

The Cap’s reporter found out about the rat problem at the home of the Caps during an interview when the camera man yells “Oh, Rat”, and another member of the broadcast crew laughs at how big it is.  That is when Hillary throws a fit, running around, crying, and repeatedly screaming “Oh my God, Oh my God, there’s a rat”.

This is a surprising development as we though rats were only on the ice at Florida games.  Guess we were wrong, but seeing as how it is tough to throw a Capital on the ice after goals (ya, its confusing to me too), maybe the fans in Washington can steal the Florida Panthers trend.  I’m sure they wont mind seeing as how people have likely forgot their team exists.

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