Mets, Phillies Fans Post-Game Fight

Mets, Phillies Fans Post-Game FightTotal Pro Sports – There is nothing like an inner-division rivalry to spark a heated battle between fans after the game.  The Mets and the Phillies showed just that, in what has already been an entertaining week for fan brawls.

Although it is usually the Phillies fans doing the cheering these days, this time it was the Mets fans who got to celebrate the victory, at least after the fight was done.  After being taunted and annoyed by some overly excited Phillies fans, one man took matters into his own hands.  Its just too bad for the Philly fan that he lost his stupid hard helmet.  He probably could have used it to protect him from the one-punch he took to the head.

So let this be a lesson to you all.  When visiting opposing territory, it is alright to cheer for your team, but do it in a manner that will not unleash the drunken rage of the opposing team’s fans.  If you do, you may just wake up the next morning with a headache and some missing teeth.

H/T Video – [BustedCoverage]

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