NFL Transactions That Just Aren’t Going To Happen

Julius PeppersTotal Pro Sports – After the draft there are as many fans pulling their hair out over the picks their teams didn’t make as there are fans that think their teams just punched their ticket to the playoffs. The hope for the fans that fall into the now hairless category is that their team will be able to swing a big trade for a big name player. The truth of the mater is that there are about a dozen teams hoping to land such a player but there are only about half a dozen impact players that might move and about three teams that have the firepower and will to pull off such a transaction.

The first trade that isn’t going to happen is any trade for Anquan Boldin, and the reason is Roy Williams. Dallas gave up a first and a third round pick to acquire Williams from Detroit, and the NFL is a league of relative values. That being said, Arizona simply needs to point to the fact that Boldin has been more productive than Williams the past two seasons to turn down any offer for less than Detroit got. On top of that the teams that would be the most likely trade partner for Boldin (Giants, Ravens, Eagles, Titans) are teams that are known for building their teams through the draft and therefore value their draft picks and don’t trade them away very often.

The second trade that just isn’t going to happen is Julius Peppers to the Niners. This is one trade that seems to be picking up steam around the rumor mill, though it appears to be one of those rumors that is picking up momentum all its own. As far as I can tell the rumor is not based off of anything that Mike Singletary or Scot McCloughan has said but instead it makes sense to the analysts writing the articles so they say there is a high chance of it happening. The reason this isn’t going to happen is because it goes opposite of the direction Singletary has been taking this team, I just don’t see him taking a player that is that expensive and at the age of 29 already has a reputation for complaining.

What I had previously selected as my third trade that might happen I am now hearing just might! I was ready to say that at this point in the season Braylon Edwards better be prepared to re-new his lease on his downtown Cleveland apartment. However, I am hearing that since the Jets have realized that Mangini and the Browns are a pretty easy trade partner (Example: the Jets jumped to the number 5 pick after everyone said they wouldn’t be able to get ahead of 8th pick) they are wondering if they could get Edwards to strengthen their offense for relatively cheap as well. This is not a sure thing, its not even a deal that is in the discussion process, it seems the Jets like the group of young wideouts they have and are waiting to see if one of them can claim the number 2, namely the starting X receiver, but if none of them can, watch for the Jets to look into acquiring Edwards.

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