Panama Cricket Games Have The Best Booty

Panama Cricket GirlsWow!  If there was ever a reason to attend a cricket games that last couple days, here it is.  The only question I have is “are they real”?

This was the remarkable sight many took in at a cricket game in Panama.  As for the game?  Well who really cares.  I’m more interested in what type of paint was used to put their pants on.  As for the authenticity?  We like to think they are real, but we aren’t particularly convinced that there was no use of PED’s involved.

So let’s not get over excited here and start booking our flights to Panama and buying tickets to their next cricket match.  While some cricket games have been kown for showcasing such talent, we can’t be sure that this is a regularity.  Although the possibility of being able to confirm the presence of ass like this at Panama’s cricket games may be well worth the trip.

H/T Pictures – [NahRight]

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