Ron Artest Says He’s Poor And His Team Sucks

Ron Artest Says He's Poor And His Team SucksTotal Pro Sports – Most of the time we see athletes and celebrities run from the paparazzi.  But then there are those who prefer to play around for a bit and create some entertainment.  We can credit Rockets guard Ron Artest as being one of the latter after his run in with the TMZ crew in Los Angeles.

Spotting Ron Artest on the phone outside a club, cameras began to roll.  The NBA bad-boy started off by giving the camera a good view of his haircut that has the Rockets logo shaved into the side of his head.  Then after being asked how he thinks his team was going to do against the Lakers, he replied

“No, we gonna lose.  We suck, you know what I mean. I Suck.  I’m the worst basketball player in the world.”

Now come on now Ron.  You can’t be that bad after splitting the first two games of the series in Los Angeles.

Paparazzi then continued to play around with Ron, making fun of his friend/driver’s car.  As they tell him to “hook a brother up” he reminds them that he is poor and may have to take up a job at Burger King.  If only Ron Artest could “have it his way” (a little BK joke in case you are wondering).

As much as we may like to hate on Ron Artest for all that he does on the court, you have to admire his laid back personality off of it.  Everyone loves some showmanship sometimes.  Especially when you are holding a camera in your hands.

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