Ovechkin’s Cheap-shot Parade In Game 4

Ovechkin’s Cheap-shot Parade In Game 4Total Pro Sports – Alex Ovechkin almost always makes an impact on the game.  He usually does so with his scoring, or setting up goals, and sometimes it may just be his checking, hard skating and intensity level that has an effect.  But last night in game 4 of the series between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins, his major contribution came in the form of two cheap-shot acts.

The first came in the opening period of play with the score 2–1 in favour of the Penguins.  Ovechkin thought he had Pens D-man Sergei Goncharlined up for a hit, but when Gonchar moved out of the way, their knees collided rather violently.  Sergei took the worst of it, grimacing in pain on the ice and being helped to the dressing room by trainers.  He would not return.

The second incident came at the end of the game when Ovechkin took a slap shot at the Pens Rob Scuderi.  It was a blatant attempt to injure the Penguins defenseman and the Penguin players were not too pleased.  Ovechkin , on the other hand, didn’t seem to care about what they thought.

After the game, Alex explained his hit on Gonchar, stating that he did not intend to take out the fellow Russian’s knees.  He was trying to hit his body, but when that moved, his knee didn’t.  The Penguins Brooks Orpik thought otherwise:

“I mean, you can run guys, guys are fair game, but the guy (Ovechkin) takes strides every time and leaves his feet a lot of times, too.  To us, we got the feeling he’s really trying to hurt guys at times.”  [TSN]

So now the series heads back to Washington for a quick turnaround Saturday night.  With back-to-back games, it is unlikely we will see Gonchar in the lineup.  With many questioning whether Ovechkin will receive a suspension, we believe that is unlikely as well.  So the tempers continue to heat up, Sidney Crosby continues his scoring outburst, and Ovechkin continues to make headlines, for whatever reasons.  This series just keeps getting better and better and with it down to a best-of-three, we can only assume that the best is yet to come.

Here are the clip of Ovechkin’s knee on knee hit

And here’s the highlights of the game.  Check out the final play when Ovechkin shoots the puck at Scuderi just as the buzzer goes.

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