Torii Hunter’s Pre-Swing Jerking

Torii Hunter’s Pre Swing JerkingTotal Pro Sports – Most baseball players have a pre-at bat ritual that they perform before stepping into the batters box.  David Ortiz’s spitting in the gloves and clapping is popular among Sox fans, and who could forget Nomar Garciaparra’s ten minute glove shuffling routine.  But Angels outfielder Torii Hunter may have the best form of “relief” prior to taking his pitches.

I’m not sure if this is a usual thing for Hunter, or if he has decided to try something new, or maybe he knew that the camera would be in a perfect position to capture him “feeding the ducks”, but if it works, then it works.  One thing is for sure.  You should never mess with a batter’s pre-swing rituals.  We understand that they can be a very superstitious bunch.

Check out Torii’s relief technique vs the Twins.  Maybe he is getting a little too relaxed up there.

H/T Video – The Soft Toss [DeadSpin]

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