Howard, Cuban Take Anger Out On Camera Men

josh-howard-angryTotal Pro Sports –  A botched call, a last second shot made, and another one missed was just what the Nuggets needed to secure a 3-0 series lead against the Mavs last night.  That was also enough to set Josh Howard and Mark Cuban on two separate rampages that led to both targeting camera men at the end of it all.

That is the drama that is the NBA Playoffs, and the Nuggets 106-105 victory was provided enough of it.  With the Nuggets down 105-103, Carmelo Anthony took the ball on the inbounds play, drove to his right, and after appearing to almost lose the ball along the sideline, he regained control, put up a three, and nailed it to put his team ahead.  The Mavs were incensed with the no call after Antonie Wright intentionally fouled Melo prior to the shot.  the play should have forced the Nuggets to inbound the ball again, but play went on, Melo hit the shot, and the Nuggets now had the lead.  Following the game, the NBA issued the following statement:

“At the end of the Dallas-Denver game this evening, the officials missed an intentional foul committed by Antoine Wright on Carmelo Anthony, just prior to Anthony’s three-point basket.” [HoopsWorld]

After the Mavs missed their final shot, Howard had to be restrained from getting at the refs while an angry Cuban stormed onto the court as well.  As he left the court, Cuban struck CBS cameraman Bill Ellis and Howard had a similar encounter with DMN photographer Tom Fox.  When asked, Ellis stated the following about his incident with Cuban:

“He had plenty of room to go by me.  I wasn’t obstructing his way. He just pushed my arm and yelled, ‘Get the (bleep) out of my way!'” []

So now we are faced with another blown call controversy in an NBA playoffs that has been full of them.  We are sure that Cuban will not stop talking about this, and it is rather unfortunate that it came at such a time, likely resulting in the ending of this series.  Up next for the Nuggets?  It looks like a showdown with the Lakers.

Here’s the clip of the final shot from Melo and the ensuing action that followed.

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