Asian Soccer Player Scores Goal Of The Year

amazing-soccer-goalTotal Pro Sports – When it comes to soccer, most fans focus their attention on Europe and South America for the top highlights, but one Asian soccer player is looking to change that.  In what may be the goal of the year, this player (whose name we do not know) scores a goal that is worth a second, third and fourth look.

Having yet to perfect our literacy in any of the Asian languages, we are not sure what league or team this player plays in, but with moves like this, he may find himself playing in the European leagues in the not so distant future.

Taking a pass down the left wing, he finds himself with little room along the end line.  thats when he puts the ball through one defenders legs, then, as if playing with the ball on a string, he practically walks the line to deek the goalie and puts the shot top shelf.  Check it out below.  Its a must see.

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