Baba Booey’s Opening Pitch Embarassment

bababooeyTotal Pro Sports – For those of you who tuned in to listen to the Howard Stern show this morning, you may have heard them poke fun at Gary Dell’Abate, aka. Baba Booey, and his terrible performance as he threw out the opening pitch of the New York Mets game on Sunday.  After watching, it’s not hard to see why.

The replay shows what appears to be a 1/2 knuckle ball, 1/4 change-up, 1/4 bean-ball, that is so far off the plate, the umpire off to the side was able to make the catch.  We can’t imagine they fans in New York giving that toss a warm reception.

Here is the disaster that unfolded.  It’s almost as if he is performing a full body dry-heave that eventually regurgitates a baseball in the direction of home plate. [Deadspin]

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