Gabriela Endringer Talks Ronaldo In FHM Magazine

gabriela-3Total Pro Sports – Famous Portugese footballer (or soccer player to some) Cristiano Ronaldo is dominant on the field.  In the bed is another story according to former girlfriend Gabriela Endinger.

She talked with FHM in Portugal about Ronaldo, including what he was like in bed, and their time together.  Here are just some of the things she had to say:

“Ronaldo lets himself be dominated in bed. He’s very affectionate in bed. He’s not aggressive at all. He lets things flow.”

I spent a week there. His house is enormous. We went out for supper twice, but I have to admit we spent a lot of time at home.” [The Spolier]

The two split after Portugese Press revealed pics of the couple together.  I’m sure they will have no problem moving on.  Even described as a butter-face, that ass is enough to make up for a whole lot worse (but really now, the face isn’t THAT bad, is it).

Check out her photoshoot video and some pics below. [BustedCoverage]


Gabriela Endringer


Gabriela Endringer

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