Phil Jackson Drops The F-Bomb During Live Press Conference

Phil Jackson Drops The F-Bomb On Live TelevisionTotal Pro Sports – No Yao?  No problem.  The Houston Rockets came out hard from the start and dominated till the end, evening up their series with the Lakers at 2-2 following a 99-87 win Sunday afternoon.  It was such an impressive performance that even Phil Jackson had to “give them some f*cking credit.”

That was how he put it in his post-game press conference when asked whether he was embarrassed with his team after the game.  Phil’s reply to the question was the following:

“Are we embarrassed?  No we’re not embarrassed.  No.  Houston played a great game.  Give them some f*cking credit.  I mean, for real.  This kid Brooks played great tonight.  He was terrific off the floor.  They played well.”

Maybe we were already due for another live television F-Bomb following Don Cherry’s little slip the following weekend.

The Lakers were able to regain home-court advantage in their two games at Houston, but now the momentum (if you believe in that crap) has shifted in the Rockets favour.  Even without their giant (Yao Ming) in the lineup, Houston showed that they are not ready to roll over yet.  Now that that plan is out the window, all Phil Jackson can hope for is that next game he will be giving his own team the “f*cking credit”.

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