Next Up In The Nuggets vs Mavs Fan Feud: Melo’s Fiance

LaLa VasquezTotal Pro Sports – We have already had the pleasure of hearing Kenyon Martin and his mother feud with Mavs owner Mark Cuban.  Now that Cuban has decided to apologize for his remarks, it is perfect the perfect time to present you with our next battle.  This time we have Carmelo Anthony’s fiance, LaLa Vasquez, taking on the blond Mavs fan.  At least the entertainment in the stands is making up for the lack of it on the floor in this series.

During game four in Dallas between the home town Mavericks and the Denver Nuggets, another battle in the stands ensued.  This time, video footage displays LaLa in a shouting match that ends with her being escorted by security away from her seats.  The two women continue to jaw at each other as the MTV personality was removed from the area.  Mavs fans sure don’t back down to anyone.

We here at TPS enjoy seeing fans put such emotion into their teams and the game.  We only hope that the players follow suit.  Will this spark the comeback for the Mavs, after being down 3-0?  Don’t count on it. [NBC DFW]

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