New Nike Commercial Portrays LeBron James As A Cokehead

Nike Portrays LeBron James As A Cokehead In New CommercialTotal Pro Sports – As he completes his second series sweep, disposing of the Atlanta Hawks easily, the only question remaining after this one is, how will LeBron James celebrate the victory before round three?  We hope it wont be the same way as the puppet version of himself.

In a bizarre remake of the chalk throwing pre-game rituals performed by King James, Nike has released footage of their new commercial which shows a puppet LeBron throwing chalk and rambling on about “post-season” and “Kobe Bryant“.  And his sidekick throughout the entire session is none other than puppet Kobe.  If we didn’t know better, it looks like a little something more is going on.  At the end, puppet James stands among the piles of chalk (or coke), saying he’s “just getting started.”  Judging by how hyper he is I’d say he’s well into doing whatever it is he is doing.

This is a rather funny commercial, all coke jokes aside.  But you have to wonder whether the people at Nike actually watched this and thought what most people are now thinking after seeing it.  Guess you just have to read between the ‘lines’ here, and hopefully puppet LeBron plans on setting on up for Kobe soon.  He seems like he could use a little boost.

Hat Tip Video – [WithLeather]

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