Roger Clemens’ Day Of Reckoning Has Come…Again

american-icon-the-fall-of-roger-clemens-and-the-rise-of-steroids-in-americas-pastimeTotal Pro Sports – The Manny Ramirez suspension couldn’t have come at a worse time.  With steroids again the top story in baseball this past week thanks to Manny and the return of Alex Rodriguez, the release of the book “American Icon: The Fall of Roger Clemens and the Rise of Steroids in America’s Pastime” couldn’t have come on a better date, and the Rocket is already speaking out.

Clemens was interviewed by phone today on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike in the Morning,” choosing to do so in response to the book’s release.  The topics they spoke about include the steroid accusations, the book, ARod, Manny, and polls indicating fan opinions.  Here are some of his comments:

When asked about McNamee’s accusations, he stated, “He’s never injected me with HGH or steroids.”

Clemens now works with a communications firm, which helps him deal with the issues he is facing from steroid accusations.  Regarding this he said, “They came in and said, ‘You need to get your story out about all this garbage that is being said.’  It’s important for me to do that. I’ve seen excerpts of the book and they’re completely false. … You know, guys, it’s piling on. It’s hurtful at times. But I’m moving on.”

When asked about Manny’s suspension, Roger replied only that it helps prove “the testing program we have set up in Major League Baseball is great.”

And about ARod, “I wish him the best, tell him to move forward, continue to do what he’s doing.  But I hope none of the things that he took or anything like that hurt his body to the point where it would hurt his career.”

Clemens also reminded Mike & Mike about his work with kids and college athletes. “Everywhere I’ve gone and gotten the opportunity to speak to young kids or college kids, I take a lot of pride in telling those boys to get after it and do things the right way and take care of your body, because I know how I did it; I know how hard I worked.  For some of that to come in question, of course it’s hurtful. But it’s not going to break my spirit.”

And about fans poll reactions to whether he has been truthful in his denial of using HGH or steroids, he stated:

“All I can do is speak the truth and from my heart to them.  That’s all I can do.  I know what your polls say, (but) I’ve been getting great responses everywhere I’ve gone in the cities I’ve traveled to. All I can do is be me and give them the message I just told you about that steroids are bad for these kids. You don’t want to have anything to do with them the way they tear your body down.”

“But I can’t defend a negative. When you’ve got somebody that’s out there that is really just crawling up your back to make a buck – which is what this is – other than speaking out, what else can you do?” [FoxSports]

So let the games once again begin.  We should expect to hear the quotes get tossed around the next couple of days, or even weeks now that steroids has once again become the hot topic of the MLB.  It’s just a shame that the real stories of the 2009 baseball season have to be overshadowed by juiced men and liars who refuse to come clean.  It’s not fair that the Zack Greinke’s and Ryan Zimmerman’s will not get their proper attention because of the Roger’s and Manny’s of the league.

In a fair world, the biggest story today in the MLB would be the return of A.J. Burnett to Toronto to battle Roy Halladay and the division leading Blue Jays.  Its time to focus on the clean, and let the dirty live in their own filth.

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