Andre Ethier Refuses Pics On Photo Day!…Huh?

andre-ethierTotal Pro Sports – It couldn’t have been the result of a bad hair day.  But the man was wearing a hat.  Maybe he doesn’t like being in photos.  But the guy plays baseball on national television, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t say that to Upper Deck photographers when they snap a pic for his next baseball card.  So what gives Andre Ethier.

The incident occurred at the Dodgers Photo Day on April 18, 2009, when Andre Ethier was asked to pose for a pic and told the fan “I don’t take photos, I’m sorry”.  We don’t want to get all on Andre’s back here.  He did reject the fan in a nice way and was not rude about it at all, but who in their right mind shows up to photo day not wanting to have pictures taken of them.

I was never a fan of pictures, but I always showed up to picture day at school with a smile on my face and a freshly combed head of hair, courtesy of mom.  I guess he’s not much of a photo day guy, but you have to love the “thumbs up” rejection.  Way to play it cool Andre.

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