Ducks, Wings Game Ends In Rumble. More To Come In Game 7?

Ducks, Wings Game Ends In RumbleTotal Pro Sports – In what has been the most memorable round of NHL playoff hockey in recent memory, the Ducks and Bruins made sure there would be two more game sevens.  The total is now three out of the four, with the lone six game series being a great one as well.  While Ovechkin and Crosby will battle it out in the first, and likely most anticipated, game seven of the bunch, after the ending of last night’s Duck vs Wings game, expect a rumble to ensure in D-Town Thursday night.

At home in Anaheim last night, the Ducks were looking to hand on to their 2-0 third period lead.  After allowing one goal late in the frame, The Red Wings pressured for the equalizer.  That elusive second goal appeared to be on the stick of Pavel Datsyuk, but Hiller was not interested in seeing this game go into overtime and made the great save in the dying seconds.  Following the final buzzer, the two tams exchanged fists, with the Ducks throwing most of them.  It is doubtful that any suspensions will be handed out, but the Neidermeyer elbow and a couple other instigators are definitley worth the look.

Now the two teams are set to play game seven at the Joe.  The Ducks took momentum away from the Red Wings, but in these playoffs that doesn’t seem to mean much.  What may mean something is the message both teams sent at the end of the game.  While the Ducks showed that they are prepared to use their strength and size to try and bully around the Wings, the Detroit stars showed that they wont back down from the rough stuff, even if it means taking a few to the face.  This Thursday night in Detroit, we will get to see who sends the loudest message.

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