Interested In Buying Yankee Dirt?

yankee-stadium-dirtTotal Pro Sports – In another crazy sports sale, the dirt from Yankee stadium is being sold for $80.  That is $80 for a small coin shaped capsule of dirt from the last game at Yankee Stadium.  That might not seem to far fetched, but how about hearing that after learning that the dirt can be purchased for $75 a ton.  Yes, the aura of Yankee Stadium is still alive.

Following the final game, the dirt was put into buckets and and brought to authenticators from Steiner Sports Marketing.  At their warehouses, the coins of dirt were created and set in five-inch crystals adorned with the stadium’s final- season logo.  When that was done, they were once again authenticated by Yankee Steiner Collectibles and the MLB.

What should be remembered is that this isn’t just any dirt.  But have they gone too far?  Just listen to what else they are selling:

“The team will also be selling pairs of seats for $1,499 — cheaper than some individual tickets at the new stadium — a single bleacher seat for $399; freeze-dried grass for $80, a 2- foot by 2-foot piece of sod for $280 and ceremonial bricks from Monument Park for $149.” [Bloomberg]

So why would anyone want to buy dirt?  Well according to A.J. Romeo, director of Yankees Steiner Collectibles, “You can’t just sell dirt.  You have to make it cool.”  Way to get the fans to chip in on the costs for next years free agency spending Steinbrenner.

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