Phillies Jayson Werth Steals Home

Jayson Werth Steals HomeTotal Pro Sports – He had already stolen 2nd and 3rd, and he was only 90 feet away from adding some insurance with his team up 4-3, bases loaded, two outs.  Why not steal home?  That was the question on Jayson Werth’s mind.

The answer?  It must have been “there is no reason why not.”  That’s when he caught Dodgers catcher Russell Martin sleeping for a moment, and took off.  Martin threw the ball back to pitcher Ronald Belisario, before noticing Werth coming at him.  By the time he did, it was too late.  Jayson Werth would slide into home and bring the crowd to their feet, as his Phillies increased their lead to 5-3, which would end up being the final.

The win was a good start to the series for the Phillies, who are now looking to build off of last nights performance.  Following a strong push that sent them into first in the NL East, Philadelphia has stumbled again, losing 4 of 5 before last night’s win.  If their pitching continues to struggle as it has, they will be hard pressed to maintain pace with the Mets (or Marlins).  But then again, when you have a guy like Werth who can steal you some runs, I guess anything becomes possible.

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