Scott Kazmir’s Offdays Include Cotton Candy

Kazmir's Offdays Include Cotton CandyTotal Pro Sports – What better way to watch your team beat the hapless Orioles than doing so with a nice bag of pink cotton candy in your hand.  Now that’s Scott Kazmir’s idea of a perfect day off.

Last pitching on Saturday, when he got the win versus the Red Sox, Kazmir is not scheduled to pitch again until Friday, when he will go up against Anthony Reyes and the Cleveland Indians.  So is his mid week diet something the team should be worried about.  I’d doubt that.

Baseball has seen a lot of over  sized-pitchers come and go, but Kazmir’s indulgence in cotton candy should not be much of a problem for the struggling Rays.  Should the fluffy sweets take over the traditional chewing tobacco and sunflower seeds, then they may have something to worry about.

Scott Kazmir Cotton Candy

Scott Kazmir Cotton Candy

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