Softball Pitcher Takes Comebacker To The Head

Softball Pitcher Takes Comebacker To The HeadTotal Pro Sports – Softball may not be known as one of the more dangerous sports, but there may be nothing scarier than when a ball it lined back at the pitcher’s head.  That was the scene at a local softball game.

This come backer was too fast for the female pitcher and before she could get out of the way, the ball struck her in the head.  What makes this play bizarre is how the players continued to play.  One woman dives in to make a great  catch when the ball pops in the air after hitting her pitcher, all the while the injured female remained on the ground.

We can only hope the pitcher was alright.  With the close proximity between the pitcher and batter in softball and baseball, they are always vulnerable to such incidents.  And the woman who made the diving catch?  Good concentration…I guess…

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