Texas Rangers’ Biggest Fan Ready For The World Series

texas-rangers-biggest-fan-ready-for-the-world-seriesTotal Pro Sports – Although the players are supposed to be the one’s entertaining the fans, sometimes it is the fans themselves who take such responsibilities.  You may have seen the fans in Toronto and Florida do a great job at this.  Next up?  This Texas Rangers fan is ready to step to the plate.

During a recent Texas Rangers game, this young man was chosen as the “Progressive Fan of the Game,” and rightfully so.  With his Rangers now 19-14, his confidences in his team couldn’t be higher, and who can blame him.  It is anyone’s guess what he thought after Hank Blalock’s walk off hit in the 11th to win the game the other night.

So now that this fan has made his mark among 2009s crop of unforgettable fans, we will have to see how the rest of the year plays out before deciding just where he ranks.  Its a competitive year in this field, but his unmeasurable enthusiasm should definitely place him within the top 10.

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