Camera Girl Shows Up Charles Barkley In Pushup Competition

Camera Girl Shows Up Charles Barkley In Pushup CompetitionTotal Pro Sports – Charles Barkley’s athleticism has been called into question several times since leaving the court to sit at the broadcast table.  His race against Dick Bevetta was one for the highlights, and we just can’t seem to get enough of his golf swing.  So what’s next for the retired NBA star?  Push-ups.

In his segment “The Barkley Zone”, a question from a Stockton, California viewer asked him the following:

“Chuck.  I know you were a tip-top shape dude in your playing days.  But I’d like to know and see how many push-up you can do right now.”

Although Charles was hesitant at first, after some encouragement, he got down on all fours and went for it.  The initial request was 20 and we count about 23 total, maybe 2 of which were done properly.  After this shameful display, a woman comes from behind the scenes, gets down in front of Charles and shows him how real push-ups are done.  He does 23 “REAL” push-ups (and looked good to do more), but Barkley was insistent that he “beat her”.  We beg to differ, and have the video to prove it.

All the DUI’s and other controversial moments aside, Charles Barkley can sure entertain us.  Just look at his face as he watches his manhood slowly wash down the drain with every pushup that his female counterpart does successfully.  At least they were better than his sit-ups, but next time they should consider a 20 minute break before resuming the show so Charles can catch his breath.

Here’s the push-up competition.

And in case you wanted to see it again, we have the Barkley vs Bevetta race.

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