Beware! Charles Barkley Almost Kills A Spectator Golfing

Beware! Charles Barkley Almost Kills A Spectator GolfingMaybe it is true that every day you learn something new.  Today’s lesson?  If you are within 125 feet of a golfing Charles Barkley (we estimate that to be as far as he can shoot), you should be considered “at-risk.”  Although some may have known this before, we all certainly do now!

Charles Barkley recently attended the Regions Charity Golf  Classic in Alabama (it must be Barkley’s day).  After a few warm-ups he says “Man I’m gonna hit it to the concession stands,” and takes a swing (if that’s what you want to call that), and drills the ball off the neck of a spectator. After the man goes down to a knee, a young Alabama fan looks on worried.  Poor kid is much to young to understand how someone can be so bad in a sport.  But now that I think of it, I still don’t understand that.

If there was ever a reason for Barkley to quit golfing, this would be it.  However, it is doubtful that will work.  Until then, can we at least get the fans to take a few steps back when he if at the tee.  Realistically, the man video recording the footage appeared to be directly in Barkley’s line of fire.  As it turned out, he was.

Hat Tip Video – [AI]

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