Rookie Coghlan’s First Home Run Ball Held Ransom

Marlins Miami Spring BaseballTotal Pro Sports – On Wednesday night, Florida Marlins rookie, Chris Coghlan, hit his first career home run.  Unfortunately he did it in Milwaukee where Nick Yohanek, also known as “The Happy Youngster”, is regularly in attendance.

This Brewers fan has also made a name for himself as a ballhawk and hijacker, something that Chris Coghlan would have to understand and overcome if he was to get that cherished piece of memorabilia back.  When it came to negotiations though, he wasn’t to impressed with the negotiating skills of the man who claims to have caught nearly 50 homers:

“He wasn’t the most polite or respectful guy about the whole process,” Coghlan said Thursday. “He told me he goes around a lot and catches these balls and holds them for ransom — even though he doesn’t say that he does, it seems that way.  Then he wanted other things that I didn’t think (were) fair.” [FoxSports]  

Coghlan initially felt the asking price to be too high, and after initially asking for a signed bat and ball from Hanley Ramirez, along with tickets to the series between the Yankees and Marlins, Nick would eventually hand the ball over for tickets to the next Brewers vs Marlins series, a pic with Coghlan and a signed bat with the message, “To Nick, thanks for catching my 1st home run.”  when it was all said and done, nick had the following to say about the negotiations:

“While posing for the photo, he said, ‘You gonna give me the ball, man, or what?  After he was given the home run ball, he stormed off without a word. Only to return and say, ‘Why y’all gotta hold my ball for ransom?’ I hold balls for ransom? Those are Chris Coghlan‘s words, not mine.”

Balls for ransom?  Well said Coghlan.  Well said.

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