Shaq’s Knees Can Be Devastating. Just Ask His Trainer

shaqs-knees-can-be-devastatingTotal Pro Sports – If you thought Shaq was scary on the basketball court, wait till you see him in the ring.  Just out of curiosity, would he even qualify for the heavyweight division?

In what must be his new training regime (we doubt he will be stepping in the ring anytime soon), Shaq shows off some punches, kicks, knees, and other moves in the dojo with trainer Johnathan Burke.  He shows his athleticism with some tuck-n-rolls and other drills, but it his strength that is most impressive.

Shaq is repeatedly shown throwing knees at Johnathan, some of which lift him off the ground.  This will likely have opposing players think twice next time they get into a tussle with the “Big Diesel”. [NESW Sports]

Here is the video of Shaq training.

And comments from an ESPN interview with Jonathan Burke.

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