Charles Barkley Sweats It Out On The Golf Course

charles-barkley-sweat-golf-11Total Pro Sports – Not only is he the worst golf player ever, but Charles Barkley may also be the most out-of-shape one as well.  Flying balls at spectators heads is just the start of the Barkley man-made hazards.  And added to that list?  How about giant puddles of sweat.

Barkley was leaving those around the golf course this weekend at a charity golfing event in Brimingham, Alabama.  Not even a drenched golf shirt was enough to stop it.  Wonder what the ruling was for balls that landed in the hazardous pools of sweat he left behind.

Charles Barkley has been having himself an impressive week.  First we witnessed his defeat in a pushup competition at the hands of a camera girl.  Then it was his dangerous golf drive.  All we can ask for now is that you keep’em coming Charles. [Busted Coverage]



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