George Brett Has A Foul-Mouthed Rampage

george-brettTotal Pro Sports – An ecstatic, angry, in-your-face attitude is not something people haven’t seen from George Brett, the former Kansas City Royal star.  But I was pretty sure we all thought that ended with his baseball career.  With no more pine tar incidents, who would he get to yell at like that again?

Although it was likely a few notches down from George’s popular run in with the umpire after being called out for the illegal bat over a century ago, his interview with a local TV reporter is definitely still worth a look and a laugh.  So whats eating at George Brett this time?  How about questions regarding the criticism that has been received by Royals’ manager Troy Hillman.  And the swear count is?  Five, according to our friends at Deadspin.

The Royals have had themselves a strong start to the season thus far, thanks to the pitching of Zack Greinke and Brian Bannister.  Currently one game back in the AL Central, we can’t understand how a coach’s job can be called into question, especially when the team has made such a great improvement.  Maybe that helps explain why George Brett was so angry.

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