Michael Vick’s First Gig Back…Poker Player?

michael-vick-pokerTotal Pro Sports – Now that he can no longer bet on dog fights, there is always poker for Michael Vick to pursue in his post-jail life.  Bluefirepoker is set to capitalize on this opportunity, offering Vick a one-year $250,000 contract to play poker under the wings of their team of poker trainers.  So much for the good old image of dogs playing poker.

Bluefirepoker.com was launched in January and has established itself as the site for amateur and professional poker players looking to improve their game.  The site uses a combination of trainers, led by online legend Phil Galfond, and instructional videos to help players get better.

Regarding the site’s interest in Michael Vick, Bluefirepoker CEO Billy Murphy said the following:

“Professional athletes have the same dedication and ability to succeed in competitive environments as professional poker players, which makes Michael a perfect candidate for this opportunity. With our team of poker trainers willing to take Michael under their wing we’re very confident we’ll see a positive return on our investment.” [BSO]

This may be a good thing for Vick.  Along with jail time, he has been faced with money issues.  If he doesn’t get signed soon, poker can help put some money in Vick’s wallet.  And why not try something legal for a change.

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