Terrell Owens Does News Report. Top Story? Himself!

Terrell Owens Does News ReportTotal Pro Sports – Terrell Owens always seems to find his way onto the television screen.  Reporters love talking about the outspoken Bills receiver, but now you can catch him reporting on himself.  That’s what happened following his first workout with his new team.  Channel 7 in Buffalo had the city’s new star take over the sports broadcast for the night, and T.O. may have found himself a job after retirement.

No stranger to the cameras, Owens was calm, cool and collected as he reported on his first day on the field with his new teammates.  And the highlight of it all?  A 40 yard pass he received from Trent Edwards down the sideline, a possible sign of things to come.

A clip of an earlier interview with Owens was then played, and that was followed by a roundup of the rest of the night in sports, which included some NHL action and a Buffalo Bison game.

T.O. may have finally met a good match in the Bills.  With not much to look forward to, the people in Buffalo seem more than ready to embrace this NFL star.  If you are looking for evidence, how does getting the key to the city before even playing a game sound?

Here’s T.O. in action, behind the desk and on the field.

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