Brewers Fan’s Strip Show Cut Short By Security

Brewers Fan's Strip Show Cut Short By SecurityTotal Pro Sports –  The Brewers are leading the NL Central with a 25-14 record, and that means the fans have plenty to cheer about.  One fan took that cheering to the next level.  Not even the threat of security was enough to keep this guy’s clothes on.  But it was just enough to prevent him from taking it all off.  Thank God!!

As one stadium official attempts to calm down the fan, many others around him cheer him on.  In this case, the peer pressure from the hundreds of fans wins.  At the first possible moment, he strips, and that’s when the cops move in.  After being cuffed, he is escorted out of the seating area, but not before given a round of applause from the appreciative fans.We are quickly learning that cameras should be taken to all sporting events because you can’t be sure what you will see.  Whether its a Florida hockey fan flashing players or a drunk woman getting a hot dog eaten off her chest, nothing beats live sports.

Hat Tip Video  – [Busted Coverage]

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