Citi Field Toilets Are No Place For A Woman’s Arm

citi-fieldTotal Pro Sports – If you are at Citi Field and your gold tooth gets flushed down the toilet, let it be.  Not only is it likely contaminated with the leftovers released by drunk and over-filled Mets fans, but your arm may also get trapped by the ultra-low-flow toilets at the stadium.  One woman found this out the hard way.

One week ago, on a Wednesday night as the Mets were at home against the Atlanta Braves, a woman took a trip to the bathroom that almost ended in a disaster.  After seeing her gold tooth fall into the stadium toilet, she went to reach for it, only to have her arm get stuck as the toilets repeatedly flushed over her voice.  Security would eventually arrive, freeing the woman, whose adventure would prove to be more entertaining to some than the game itself, which the Mets lost 8-7.  Fans were gathered around section 338 to catch the action.

The woman’s arm would eventually be dislodged from the toilet after security officials called Cardoza Plumbing, the company that installed all 646 ultra-low-flow toilets at Citi Field.  A worker was on the scene shortly, rescuing the poor woman from the evil toilet.

The new home of the Mets is sure building itself into something special.  The first streaker was a historic event, and the first near loss of an arm in the toilet will also remain in the history books of the young Citi Field.

Hat Tip – [NewYorkPost] via [DeadSpin]

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