LeBron James Makes A Half-Court Shot Sitting On The Floor

Another Trick Shot For LeBron JamesTotal Pro Sports – It can be tough to stay focused throughout a long break in the NBA playoffs.  Many times that extra layoff can make even a superstar cold upon his return.  So how is LeBron James dealing with it?  He’s hitting crazy shots from impossible angles to stay sharp.  If he can hit a shot from beyond the corner of the court, then surely he can hit one from 18 feet with a hand in his face.

And for LeBron’s next trick.  How about a Half-court sitter.  That’s right.  A Sitter!Yesterday at the Cavs practice court, LeBron was once again pulling something out of his bag of tricks.  This time, seated at half court, he heaved one up and nailed it.  I don’t think he will ever get bored of playing H-O-R-S-E.

Speaking of “horse”, maybe the NBA should consider getting him in there for next year’s competition.  maybe that can somewhat help make this thing even remotely interesting.  And while he’s at it, why not the Dunk and 3-point competition too.  We’ll call it an All-LeBron Weekend.

Here’s the half-court sitter.