Spinning Backfist May Be MMA KO Of The Year

Spinning Backfist May Be MMA KO Of The YearTotal Pro Sports – Spinning backfists don’t always work out for the best, but when they do, they can be dangerous.  Just ask Estevan Payan, who ate a clean one from Yahir Reyes in during their fight at Bellator VI.  The shot left Payan out and earned Reyes the victory and strong consideration for the MMA knockout of the year.

The fight is rather non-eventful, as the highlights prior to the KO show, but at around the 35 second mark of the clip, as the two combatants are standing, Reyes throws the wild shot and the sound says it all.  Even the commentator is sure this will be a You Tube hit, and he was right.

Just see for yourself.

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