Vince Young Makes It Rain With Nelly At Bar RIO

Vince Young Makes It Rain With Nelly At Bar RIOTotal Pro Sports – There goes all his drinking money.  Vince Young was out for the “Smash the Mic” event and was on stage during Nelly’s performance.  A couple of drinks must have loosened the Titans quarterback up a bit as he began to bounce to the music and even shared some of his booze money with the audience.

As Nelly was doing his thing on the mic, Young was struggling to get inside his pockets and pull out cash to throw at the fans below.  He did manage to toss several bills into the money-hungry hands grasping in his direction.  Wonder is those were $1 bills he was throwing.  How much do back-up quarterbacks make these days anyway?

So with the NFL pre-season workouts set to begin soon, we hope this isn’t how Vince Young has decided to prepare for his battle for the starting job against Kerry Collins.  With talks earlier about contemplating retirement, I’d advise Vince to save his money.  His first contract may just be his last in the NFL.

Here is a good angle of Vince makin’ it rain.

and here is a longer version with an interview at the beginning.  The raining begins at about the 1:45 mark.

Hat Tip Video – [YouBeenBlinded]

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