Dwight Howard Brings Down Shot Clock In Highlight Filled Game 1

Magic Cavaliers BasketballTotal Pro Sports – If the remaining games in the Eastern Conference Finals between the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers are as good as game 1 was, we may be in for an even better series than the Celtics vs Bulls from this year.  It may not have had an overtime period, but it provided just the same thrill in the final minutes, and enough highlights for an entire series.  Did we mention it was only game ONE???

So what kind of great thrills and highlights are we talking about?  Just to recap, the game began with complete domination by the Cavs, who went up by 15 at the half, only to lose the game in the dying seconds.  In that final minute the two teams went back and forth exchanging shots.  First, with 41 seconds remaining and Orlando up by 2, LeBron James found Delonte West in the corner for a three to put the Cavs up by one.  The Magic came back with two of their own to take a one point lead, but LeBron would take the ball back up court, drive to his right and get the bucket and the foul on Dwight Howard, his six.

With Howard fouled out, LeBron’s free-throw would put the Cavs up by two.  That was before Rashard Lewis connected from three-point land to once again put Orlando up by one.  The score would stay that way after a final desperate effort from Mo Williams off a LeBron jump-ball with 1 second left.  Yes, this game was that crazy.

In addition to all that excitement, Dwight Howard also had a thunderous dunk in the first quarter, which was enough to bring the shot clock down.  Some great footage is provided, including that from the camera attached to the clock itself.  LeBron would also have a monster rejection on Dwight Howard in the first half, and Mo Williams would hit a 3/4-court shot at the half time buzzer, showing us how all those trick shot competitions the Cavs play can pay off during a game.

We should also mention that James had 49 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 blocks in the loss.  Dwight Howard wasn’t bad himself, recording 30 points and 13 rebounds of his own in the win.  While it is not expected that any backboards will be coming down again in game 2, we should expect to see these two stars at their best again, and with their strength and ability to continuously attack the rim, i guess anything is possible.

Here are highlights of the game, which show the Howard dunk which brought down the clock, and the 3/4-court buzzer beater.

Dwight Howard Brings Down the Shot Clock

Mo Williams Hits a Buzzer Beater From the Opponents’ 3-Point Line

LeBron James goes for 49 in Game 1

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