NASCAR Fans Charged With Riding Their Horse Under The Influence

NASCAR Fans Charged DUI On A HorseTotal Pro Sports –  Just because you don’t need a license to ride a horse, it doesn’t mean that you can do it drunk.  Two NASCAR fans in Tunnel Hill, Georgia found that out the hard way.  I wonder what is more dangerous?  Driving a car drunk, or a horse?

After drinking and watching the NASCAR race, two friends decided to jump on their horses and go for a ride.  They were soon stopped by officers who noticed their struggle to stay on the horse and maintain control of it.  The two men were required to pay nearly $900 for bail and will appear in court next month.

The son of one of the men just doesn’t seem to understand.  After all, he has never heard of someone getting charged for a DUI while riding a horse.  Well that’s likely because no one is stupid enough to think about doing that.  At least not along the busy streets where cars are usually driving around.  The son also appears to be reading the ticket pretty closely.  Maybe he found a mistake on it under the make of the vehicle.

I wonder what would have happened it they were stoned????

Hat Tip Video – [Deadspin]

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