Reggie Bush Flying High With Red Bull

Reggie Bush Flying High With Red BullTotal Pro Sports – Talk about letting loose and getting high during your off season.  Reggie Bush did just that.  Just to clarify though, he wasn’t getting “Ricky Williams” high.  More like “Top Gun” high, as he takes a ride in a Red Bull Air Race plane.

Judging by the Reggie Bush’s reaction during his flight, it seems like even a running back who gets drilled by monster linebackers for a living can get a little freaked out.  Or even completely freaked out of his mind.  We can’t blame him though.

Despite being somewhat spooked, Reggie seemed to enjoy the rush from the ride.  It must be better than playing football in the sand with girlfriend Kim Kardashian. If it was my choice?  I’ve always been a big fan of beaches.

Here’s Reggie’s wild ride, along with his comments.

Hat Tip Video From Our Friend Jimmy T Over At [HotClicks]

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